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Fair credit card applications are for people with average credit, or people that have limited credit histories.

Credit card offers for fair credit help individuals earn good credit. A person with average or fair credit history would be someone who has had credit card problems in the past or are just beginning to build credit history. These people do not yet qualify for cards in the good credit category, but they no longer have a poor credit rating.

Many Americans today find that their credit is not as good as it once was. The economy definitely presented many Americans with new financial challenges. Some individuals faced bankruptcy resulting in bad credit. While others found they now had a much lower credit score. For many Americans a good credit or a great credit score is no longer a reality or on their credit report. Credit better than bad credit is fair credit. Fair credit scores in most cases will not get approved for good credit credit cards.

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how to apply for fair credit credit cards
It is very important to immediately begin to repair credit as soon as possible. It will take at the very least six months to get back to a good credit score. Another thing to consider by doing nothing your credit score could get worse. Requesting a copy of your credit report can greatly help in determining where a weakness may reside. There may be errors or descrepencies that once are remedied can boost your credit score.

If you have no established credit or bad credit, try applying for a credit card designed for people who have less than perfect credit history.

Getting a credit card for fair credit can be your first step on your path to good credit. The fair credit Visa or MasterCard for average credit is fairly easy to get approved for. Cardholders can enjoy many of the lower fees that are associated with credit cards for good credit. Many consumers save more money on average with a fair credit card than a credit card for bad credit. It is recommended that you first try to get approved for a fair credit card offer. If you can not get approved for a fair credit offer it is recommended that you try to get approved for a secured credit offer or a credit card for bad credit.

Most credit cards for bad and fair credit have fees. Sometimes you can find a credit card for fair credit without an annual fee and no fees. This type of offer is really the best card for people with fair credit. Some fair credit card offers have reward programs, but charge an annual fee. This type of credit card is only good if you will use the credit card frequently, and pay off your balances every month. Frequent purchases will allow you to earn reward benefits that will off set your annual fee.

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